The Main Objectives and Plans of Green Project Indonesia


Everyone knows that business is the major factor responsible for a nation’s economy and financial growth, but its toll on the environment is pretty vast and damaging. That’s why Indonesian government has made a new commitment to improve sustainable future as well as reducing carbon emission intensity. It seems that the drastic climate change and the vast damaged areas due to industrial activities have opened the government’s eyes and realization that something needs to be done fast to prevent further destruction and damage. And for this, they have launched the so called Green Project Indonesia that focuses on the local level while improving the financial sector of the rural setting.


What are the purposes of this Green Project Indonesia in the overall sense, anyway? First of all, it is designed to increase and also improves the household livelihood and agricultural productivity. It is done by improving the natural resources management as well as the land use practice. Second, it is meant to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel, including the production of greenhouse land-based gasses, by focusing on renewable energy creation and improvement. Any technology that is using the renewable energy is highly welcomed, even supported and encouraged to grow.


This is why, the idea of this green project is to finance, support, develop, and also execute the green growth activities. The idea is to focus from the bottom, at the rural and district level before moving up to the higher levels. The bottom level should have a stronger basic; one of the major reasons why entrepreneurship is highly and deeply encouraged. The rural communities will have better access to better finance, renewable energy, and also district space planning. There will be some activities included within the Green Project Indonesia, such as green knowledge, grant financing or green prosperity facility, technical oversight and assistance, and also participatory land planning and usage.

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